Make this Easter Count with a Communication Checklist

Easter communication

Easter is one of those highly anticipated and sometimes stressful weekends for churches. It is one of the few Sundays of the year that many people traditionally attend church and we have the opportunity to reach a larger audience. But Easter communication can be a challenge! This doesn’t mean that planning a massive egg hunt […]

How to make your church events meaningful + church event ideas

church event ideas

Make your events meaningful              Your leadership might have a lot of church event ideas and that’s a good thing! Church events serve as avenues for people within your body to get to know other better, church growth and outreach. The opportunities are endless!   Events planned outside of Sunday morning worship in a relaxed atmosphere give […]

Free Church App – How to get Your Church into the YouVersion Bible App

free church app

Did you know you can add your church into the YouVersion Bible app giving your church the ability to share announcements, links and more? This is a great option if a dedicated church app is not in your budget. It has made a great substitute at our church for a paper bulletin. Another plus is […]

Church Graphics: Repurpose Sermon Graphics for Social Media, Emails + more

A big part of church graphics is the sermon series art. Chances are, you already utilize sermon graphics and slides at your church in some way. You know the benefits of having a visual representation of the message. Whether or not you have a team that creates church graphics or have an online resource, a […]

5 Sites to Find Free Images for Your Sermon Series


We talk a lot about sermon series graphics and different resources and tools you can use to create them. One way to create graphics is to begin with a photo. There are lots of websites that offer free images for your sermon series. Coming up with and creating sermon series graphics can be difficult. Many […]

How many logos does your church need?

creating a church logo

When you are creating a church logo, one is enough, right? Well, the answer is a little subjective but having more than one logo gives you better flexibility for real life application. When you are creating a church logo and you have only one layout, logo, you might find it looks awesome on the website […]

How to write a church mission statement

What is a mission statement? Your church mission statement can be used as a tool to inspire and lead. It’s foundational and every church should have one.  But what exactly is a mission statement? Your statement takes what the church does and consolidates it into one or two concise sentences. Sometimes, but not always, the […]

3 reasons why a mission statement for church is important

church mission statement

Your church HAS a mission, I am sure of that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be where you are, doing what you are doing day in and day out! But do you have a church mission statement…in writing? Have you ever had difficulty describing your church’s mission or purpose? Writing a mission statement or revisiting the one […]

A Church Branding Checklist


Considering branding for your church but don’t know quite where to start? This checklist will get you started! Whether you are doing it yourself or investing in a designer, this tool will let you know what you need to have prepared before starting and what you should have at the end of the process. You […]

One free way to boost your church’s SEO

church marketing tip

Google My Business! Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool to help you create a company profile that shows up in search results. I want to emphasize that this tool is exclusive to Google and so it only works within the Google search engine, not Bing, Yahoo, etc.  However, Google is the most used […]