How to write a church mission statement

What is a mission statement? Your church mission statement can be used as a tool to inspire and lead. It’s foundational and every church should have one.  But what exactly is a mission statement? Your statement takes what the church does and consolidates it into one or two concise sentences. Sometimes, but not always, the […]

3 reasons why a mission statement for church is important

Your church HAS a mission, I am sure of that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be where you are, doing what you are doing day in and day out! But do you have a church mission statement…in writing? Have you ever had difficulty describing your church’s mission or purpose? Writing a mission statement or revisiting the one […]

Announcements for church – 7 tips to make them better

Church announcements are important Imagine the time during church announcements as having a face to face conversation with everyone at once. It’s that small window of opportunity to share important things with the church family. If we are doing it well, we can make the few minutes we have really impactful.  ** And make it […]

How to add your brand kit into canva

When designing and communicating for church, it can be difficult to keep the look and feel of the designs aligned and cohesive. There are lots of announcements, events, Bible studies and ministries all under the umbrella of a single church body. I try not to create graphics that look the same from event to event […]

A simple guide to branding for churches

branding for churches

Maybe it should have been a question. “branding for churches?” Isn’t branding for businesses, not  churches? The church is not a business! Right, I couldn’t agree more, the church is not a business, but it does have business to do! I don’t mean to demean the church or turn it into something it shouldn’t be […]