Best resources for ministry graphics

Trying to find quality photography for church projects can eat up your time in a hurry.

Sometimes you just need a background to overlay the main sermon points or the next event title. Special occasions like Christmas and Easter may call for motion countdowns, social media graphics and polished overhead slides. Then there’s that last minute graphic you need because Mother’s Day is tomorrow! Whoops!

Though the needs may vary, the desire for excellence doesn’t. Yes, the option is always there to do a google search and grab some clipart. However, while I admit to having done that in the past, I know that doesn’t convey the professional look I want for my church.

Unfortunately, there is no ONE place to find every image our heart desires. But that’s ok! Below is a list of free and paid but affordable resources you can bookmark to find just what you need, when you need it!



Images (photos & backgrounds)


– one of the largest & best collections

 – “non-stocky” images 

 – photo & video 

– unique images 

– whimsical 

 – vintage photos from public archives

– made for churches


– photos, videos and illustrations made for churches (subscription option available, but you can pay for single images without it)


Illustrations & vector art 

– free 

– free and paid $

 – free and paid $


sermon series art 

– free and paid $ 

– paid  $ 

– $ subscription required

And checkout my growing collection of sermon series art here

social media graphics 

– $ subscription required

 – $ subscription required


– my favorite website for inspiration

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